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Lights Out is an interactive, fast paced game, aimed at 18-25 year olds, which uses light indicators & buttons to test the player’s speed, reactions & agility. Lights Out is built like an upturned skateboard ramp and powered by flash, MySQL, an Arduino, two MaKey MaKeys, 13 switches, plenty of LEDs and countless feet of wiring!
The concept is simple, when a light comes on, press it to turn it back off, the challenge is in the timing! There are two different ways to play against the Lights Out clock;

  1. You are set a fixed amount of time and must try to turn off as many lights as possible within the allocated time.
  2. You are allowed a certain amount of time to turn off each light. This time gets slowly shorter as the game progresses so don’t slow down!

Don’t get too frantic though, hit an unlit button and it’s GAME OVER!

We challenge YOU to try for a high score and beat us at our own game, Lights Out!

image of the installation

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